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Using technology to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus

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Technology doesn't have to take our eyes off Christ

Digital technology is a powerful force changing our lives and our society in all kinds of ways, and we want to be a Christian influence in the midst of that. Tens of thousands of people every month are finding our first app, PrayerMate, to be a great way to help build a consistent prayer life - but we're just scratching the surface of the potential for this and other tools like it.

And why bother? Just look what happens when people pray:

"PrayerMate asked me to pray for Eritrea this morning. And then this happens:
#Ethiopia and #Eritrea made a historic breakthrough & agreed to end the state of war that lasted for two decades today."

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Help us fund our vision

We want to build a stable financial basis for Discipleship Tech to help us fulfil our vision to:

1. Continue improving PrayerMate and its reach

Many people are already testifying to how much PrayerMate has helped them in their prayer lives, but there is so much more that we would like to do with the app, and so many more people who could benefit from it.

2. Finish & roll out our new features serving Missionaries & Church small groups

We've been hard at work building features to help people pray for missionaries and to facilitate prayer within church small groups. Rolling this out to as many places as possible will help us fund our ministry going forwards.

3. Use the team & skills we have built up to create new Christian apps & technologies

This is the really exciting bit, as we use the team, skills and connections that we have made to develop other apps and tackle new challenges to help people grow in their walk with Christ.

Our monthly target

Our ministry is supported by a combination of user donations and income from the churches and charities who use the PrayerMate Platform. Our current monthly running costs are:


This primarily goes towards funding our little team:

Andy Geers

CEO / Developer
London, UK


User Support (Part Time)
Berkshire, UK


Android Developer (Part Time)


Mobile Developer
Birmingham, UK

How to donate to Discipleship Tech

1. PayPal

You can donate to Discipleship Tech via PayPal - either monthly or one-off. You can even give using a credit or debit card if you don't have an account with them.

2. CAF America (USA only)

You can make fully tax-deductible gifts to Discipleship Tech as a Donor Advised Gift through CAF America ($500 minimum gift). Simply enter "Discipleship Tech (UK #1178838)" with the address First Floor, Thames Exchange,
 10 Queen Street Place, London,
 EC4R 1BE, United Kingdom.

3. In-App Purchase

For an easy way to give on your mobile, iOS PrayerMate users can become a monthly or annual "PrayerMate Patron" using In App Purchase. Apple takes a 30% cut during the first year, or 15% from year 2 onwards (you also get added colour schemes as a bonus!)

What people are saying about PrayerMate

"Phenomenal app. Helps so much to keep you praying and on the right path (heavenward). An incredible tool to help unleash the power of prayer 🙏🏼"

"Praise God for this app. Redeeming technology from frequently fruitless evil to becoming a resource for Jesus' people to seek His Father in His name. Thanks!"

"This app is a true blessing to me. It has become an integral part of my prayer life and in helping me to consistently pray over things in my life- in line and with scripture- it’s fantastic!"

Discipleship Tech's Trustees

Discipleship Tech is stewarded by an incredible team of trustees:

Adrian Reynolds (Chair)

Adrian is the Associate National Director for The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches and Chairman of Evangelicals Now.

Jo Sutton

Jo is passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus and grow in their walk with him. Together with husband Mike they are part of Grace Vineyard church, Croydon. Jo serves as the Communications & Programme Director at London City Mission.

Grant Owens

Grant works as an IT Solutions Architect. He is involved in leadership development at his local church in Cape Town and his denomination in South Africa. Grant and his wife Colette love to build things and see them grow, especially when they are advancing God’s Kingdom.

Ed Blower

Ed is an electrical engineer and helps train small group leaders at Euston Church, London.



Discipleship Tech, First Floor, Thames Exchange, 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE


Email: info@prayermate.net


Discipleship Tech is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Registered as a Charity in England and Wales (No: 1178838)