The Serpent & The Seed

Discipleship Tech are creating a mobile game experience like no other: to help you slow down and explore the very meaning of life.

A mobile game experience that explores life's deepest questions, for ages 9+

Why is the world the way it is? Why is there so much incredible beauty and yet also so much ugliness - even within my own heart? Constantly scrolling through our social media feeds allows us to push such questions aside. We want to give people the space to explore those questions, and what an old forgotten book has to say to us today.

Andy Geers

"For the last seventeen years, I've been pondering how to use the medium of mobile games to help people explore the Bible. With this mobile experience we have the opportunity to create something profoundly meaningful that invites people to slow down and ask those deeper questions about life & about ourselves - and ultimately to point people to Christ and the hope that is found in him alone."

Andy Geers

Creator of PrayerMate & Founder of Discipleship Tech

A quarter of the UK population are "open to the Bible and finding out more" according to the Bible Society's "Lumino" research project

This prompted our friend Robin Ham to write this: "Biblical illiteracy is not going to simply be solved by ‘more Bible’. I think the real challenge of biblical illiteracy is moving beyond familiarity with Bible stories to introducing people to the Bible’s big story.... the goal ... isn’t just so that people know how Genesis to Revelation all fits together. We’re doing it because this story of God is the very thing our fractured world needs right now. As an article in the Irish Times put it a few years back, our crisis of identify shows we’re desperate for a ‘meaningful narrative about who we are’”1.

This sparked the idea for The Serpent & The Seed: an adventure game with a difference. Walk through the pages of scripture, take in the beautiful sights and sounds, and along the way you may just discover your own place in the universe and the only source of lasting hope.


December 2020

Storyboard from Act 1

Shaping up Act 1

We've been working with experienced game designer Dan Gould, who formerly worked with studios such as EA and Frontier Development, before going to study theology at Oak Hill College in London and serving as a missionary overseas. We have focussed on "Act 1" of the game, as the player explores the Garden of Eden and what the world was like before the fall of humanity. Now that we have a firm sense of the shape of this first act, Andy & Dan are working together on each of the remaining acts in turn.

March 2021

Concept art from Eden

Concept Art

With Act 1 fairly well defined, we are privileged to be working with talented game artist & part-time youth worker Daniel Starling to set the overall art style and design some key game elements.

Q2 2021

Poor Bishop Hooper

Music by Poor Bishop Hooper

We anticipate the music being a leading character in this mobile experience, rather than a mere background part. We are privileged to have the amazing duo Poor Bishop Hooper involved writing the music2. Through the soundtrack and some hauntingly beautiful songs, the music will invite players to engage emotionally with the realities they discover in this ancient book.

Q3 2021


Crowdfunding Campaign

Once the overall shape of the game has been designed and prototyped, and some key artwork & musical elements are in place, we hope to do a crowdfunding campaign to raise the remaining funds necessary to produce the finished experience. As a registered UK Charity, we want to be able to give the game away for free to the end user. That means we need to raise the funding through donations from those who are excited by our vision and the potential opportunity it presents.

Far more than just being about raising money, a crowdfunding campaign is a wonderful opportunity to test the levels of interest and build an engaged community around the project, which we see as an important milestone before deciding to take the game to the next stage.

To get there, we need your help.

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"Unless the Lord builds the house, the labourers labour in vain" (Ps 127). Please join with us in praying for the success of this project, and that ultimately it will honour the Lord.


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We estimate that Phase 1 will cost up to £10,000 ($13.9k) on top of our regular ministry costs. Your donations can help make this dream become reality.
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1 Quote taken from Robin Ham's "5 Reflections from Bible Society’s Lumino Research"
2 Find out more about Poor Bishop Hooper on their website or watch this incredible live performance of their song "Christ" based upon Matthew's genealogy of Jesus. You won't regret it!


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